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About QBANK™

The future of borderless space-based banking & sovereignty QBANK. With Quantum Generation (QG) technology, QUBIT Blockchain®, QSAT LEO Satellite blockchain constellation.

Space Based Blockchain Banking

THE FUTURE OF JURISDICTIONAL BANKING & SOVEREIGNTY Quantum Generation™ Space-Based Banking Platform Revolutionizing banking and sovereignty through a satellite-based quantum mesh network. Leading the way in quantum secure autonomous globalization of banking. Banks and financial services market across the globe is going through a process of revolutionary change in technology by reducing the role of today’s banks and giving institutions and individuals an opportunity to create better, faster, and cheaper services that make them an even more essential part of everyday life. QBank providing innovation and vision in banking.

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QBank™ leverages QUBIT blockchain, AI to offer revolutionary space based decentralized banking services around the world. Regardless of background, location, region or income.

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QBank has teamed up with some of the leading Fintech investment groups.

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Quantum Generation™ launches Space Based Qxchange. Banking Platform A Hybrid Decentralized Exchange. Qexchabge.ai